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For all you loyal followers.. a lot has changed since this site was last updated. Both Mike and I (Rich) have moved onto bigger and better things. Sadly, both of our Type R's have moved on to new homes. We were sad to see them go, but the time had come and if we had the means I believe both of us would've kept them as secondary cars. We've both had a couple cars since the departure from our R's... here's the breakdown..

2001 Subaru WRX
2002 BMW X5
2003 Subaru STi (current)
2003 BMW ///M3 (current)
2006 VW GTI
2006 Mini Cooper S

I believe both of us grew out of the stage where we though that heavily modifying our daily driven cars was cool. We both can really appreciate a very fast, relatively stock car. Although our R's were pretty well prepped for daily driving, there's a lot to be said about quieter power. The desire to tinker with our cars is still there, it's just significantly less.. or that energy has been directed to other things in our life.. mostly other hobbies that, if we screw them up, won't impair our ability to get to work. ;-)

Although the R's are gone, we're keeping the site up in memory of days past. I'll be updating the look of the site while maintaining the links because, believe it or not, this site get's huge amounts of hits... mostly sources from Google Images and the keyword of "hottie". Keep an eye out for our new Back 'n Black site.

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