(frequently asked questions)

We have created this page because both of us get the same series of questions day in and day out.  If you have any questions that aren't listed here please email us.

1. Q.
 "Why did you switch from the Mugen to Comptech header and which one do you like better?"
The Mugen header was excellent in the top end and worked really well with the Mugen ECU but the Comptech header gave more torque in the below-vtec area and only sacrificed minimal hp loss to the Mugen in the top end.  This is typical in a 4-2-1 design versus a 4-1 design.
2. Q.
"How is the Mugen ECU different from stock or the Comptech ECU?"
The Mugen ECU lowers the vtec point to around 4500 rpm and removes the rev-limiter.  Mugen has a completely different fuel table than stock or even Comptech.  The timing is advanced about as much as it can be done by the ECU.  The Mugen ECU also doesn't have any engine controls for air conditioning.  This means that if you have a/c it will not function AT ALL with this ECU in the car.  You are able to cross a couple wires and get the a/c to work but, the ECU makes not compensations for the added load on the motor when the compressor turns on.  Therefore the car will stall when idling.

The Comptech ECU works on a modified version of the stock ECU.  It lowers the vtec point to around 5400 rpm and moves the rev-limiter up 200 rpm above stock.  Because it is a modified stock ECU the air conditioning controls remain intact.  The timing is advanced slightly.

3. Q.
"What's involved in putting NSX brakes on the my Type-R and how can I get a set?"
The brakes Rich has on the rear of his car are rear NSX brakes.  They bolt up with the help of one bracket.  He used rear brakes because it accommodates the parking brake line.  If you use NSX rotors and calipers in the front it is a direct bolt on.  If you use NSX calipers and Type-R rotors you will need to shim the calipers or pads to make them fit.
4. Q.
"What offset are your Volk TE37's and do they rub with the 215/40/17 tires?"
The offset of our rims is 40mm.  We went with 215/40's as opposed to 205/40's because of the obviously wider diameter of the tires.  We had to roll our rear fenders slightly to prevent rubbing.  Sooner or later we'll have a picture posted of our rear fenders so that everyone can see exactly how much we rolled them.  We haven't had any problems with the fronts rubbing although our cars aren't very low.  Rich has the Mugen 26mm sway bars front and rear and when hitting a dip or sharp bump under hard cornering the rear tires will rub a little.