About Us!


Welcome to Rich and Mike's creation, Donkey Motorsports.  The name Donkey Motorsports started as a joke actually.  We made it up as a slang term meaning, in G-rated version, something that is so huge it's over the top.  Rich is responsible for the original design of the site, while both of us handle updating chores.

We've both been enthusiasts for many years, and through many cars.  Our current babies are the two R's you see on the site.  We both picked up our Type-R's on the same day...and above is a pic in remembrance of that day,  August 18, 1997.  We felt that there was a general lack of good info on the web for these cars, so we thought we would do what we could to remedy this situation.  So, enjoy our humble site and if you have any questions or comments, let us know.