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   The Realtime Racing High-Compression Cylinder Head:

  Stock             Realtime

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Tein RA Install

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Here you can see all of the bits for the front and rear.

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You can see the difference in case size between stock and RA.

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Compare the wire thickness of the Tein's to the GC'S.  Quite a bit stiffer!

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Same thing with the rears.

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Installed and ready for corner-weighting.


The 13" Brembo Racing Calipers!!!!

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These babies stop in a hurry, and pad changes are a snap.  The entry price is pretty stiff though!  More install and stock comparison pics to come.


Can you say Mugen??

How do you like these little jewels?  The Mugen race header!  The collector on these babies is MUCH better than the street version.

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