Better late than never, here are some more images from the 1999 Import Auto Salon.


Here's some cool stuff from AXZ in New York.....

This is REALLY sharp looking high capacity oil pan.

AXZ oilpan1.JPG (141887 bytes)                        AXZ oilpan2.JPG (249504 bytes)

We didn't get any specs, but it sure is the sharpest oil pan we've seen.


Here's something, both Rich and I were drooling over.  Individual throttle bodies!

ITB top.JPG (129077 bytes)                                    ITB fuel rail.JPG (157317 bytes)

These particular pieces are from TWM.

ITB injectors.JPG (191713 bytes)

Here's a close-up of the fuel rail and regulator.

ITB linkages.JPG (234791 bytes)

Here you can see the linkages and the cross-over tube.

ITB throttle plates.JPG (193173 bytes)

A view of the throttle plates.


Here's some interesting items from the DC booth.

Here's s frontal look at the infamous DC 4 to 1 Ti header.

DC race motor (front).JPG (192267 bytes)

Here's another look from side.  If you can live with noise this thing ROCKS!

DC race engine (side view).JPG (119570 bytes)

Here's the next best thing for the rest of us, the street version.

DC 4 to1 street header.JPG (171052 bytes)

The collector on this piece is VERY nice, much cleaner than the Mugen 4 to 1.


Some shots of Sport Compact Car's very cool project Impreza.

RS front.JPG (253892 bytes)

Here you can see the massive intercooler and fog lights.

RS engine bay.JPG (333983 bytes)                RS turbo plumming.JPG (335014 bytes)

Look at all that plumbing.  Somebody put a lot of work in to this one.

RS rear.JPG (98547 bytes)                RS exhaust.JPG (74703 bytes)

Look at the huge exhaust.  This one is not just for show either.


TRD's ultra-trick Eaton supercharger kit.

TRD supercharger install.JPG (231370 bytes)

Super-sano install.  Can't beat OEM performance parts!

TRD supercharger.JPG (137581 bytes)

Where else can you find a supercharger and intake manifold in one casting?  Oh what a feeling!


A very sharp BMW 3 series.

BMW.JPG (76851 bytes)

Very clean.

BMW_exhaust.JPG (117574 bytes)

These carbon Remus tips are works of art.

BMW_MagTE.JPG (142330 bytes)

14" Brembo's!!!


Paxton's very nice blown Cougar.

Paxton_Cougar.JPG (150445 bytes)

This car was very well executed, with tons of potential.  It's nice to finally see some attractive and competitive sport compacts from the domestic manufacturers.

Cougar_engine.JPG (152181 bytes)

The packaging is tight, but very professional.  Reminds me of the days when you could order your Mustang from the Ford dealer with the venerable Paxton already installed.  What I wouldn't give for one of those classic '65 Shelby GT350's with the ultra-rare factory Paxton.

Paxton_closeup.JPG (121480 bytes)

A close-up the of the huge Paxton.


JUN's Hyper-Lemon Civic drag car.

Jun_HL_quarter.JPG (135919 bytes)

Civic body, Prelude motor..., this car is all about power to weight.

Jun_HL_engine_qrtr.JPG (173993 bytes)                Jun_HL_engine_qrtr2.JPG (195459 bytes)

A couple engine shots, showing off the intricate custom header.

Jun_HL_ignition.JPG (207010 bytes)

I'm not too sure what this is, but it sure looked intriguing.

Jun_HL_intake.JPG (131074 bytes)

A nice shot of the hand made intake plenum.