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Here are a few pics from our visit to the Import Auto Salon in Pomona California on March 26-28.  These are some of the pictures I (Rich) took.   We haven't developed the pics that Mike took yet.  We hope to have them soon.

First things first.....a couple ladies of the Salon.

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Incredible!     Truely Remarkable!    Truely Remarkable!    Incredible!


This MR2 is SICK!!!  Check out the TRD body kit.  If you can believe it, this car is much more impressive in person.

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Here's Rich and Mike's new suspension....well, soon.  It's made by Ground Control and it consists of an billet aluminum threaded shock body and is double adjustable.

GC Shock    GC Shock


This is an H22 motor that was in the DC booth.  As you can see it has an individual throttle body setup with carbon fiber horns.  There's also a good shot of the butterfly valves in each throttle body.

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GTR...nuff said!  Individual throttle bodies on a stock car....damn.   These are just shots of the motor.  My shots of the body didn't come out so I'll use Mike's pics when we get them.

GTR-2     GTR-3     GTR-1


Rich's car at the Salon..

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Wilson Tai's car at the Salon.

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The Greddy RX-7.  Look at the hatch...kinda goofy.

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Check out Mike's pics....